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A gem in the middle

Margaret Island

The Margaret Island stands between the two parts of the city and it is often visited by locals and tourists alike for its great recreational and sport opportunities.

The Island lived through many important times in the country’s history, and it went through many forms as well. Some historians believe that the island was already populated in the Roman Times, and was used for travelling between the currently known Buda and Pest. The first written records about the area are from the 13th century. The island was made of three parts at the time, which was later joined to form one contiguous isle. The place was called the Island of Rabbits and it was home to the monastery of the Dominican Order; the ruins can still be found in the middle. This was the monastery where Saint Margaret, one of the country’s highly respected saints, lived; the island is also named after her. The area was populated with churches and cloisters until the Ottoman wars in the 16th century, when the Christian buildings were demolished by the invading Turks. The great flood of 1838 was also of great effect, destroying a large part of the buildings and vegetation on the island. The three parts were joined at the end of the 19th century, and it was declared a public garden in 1908.

The Margaret Island is the home to many sporting facilities, like the famous Hajós Alfréd Sports Pool or the Palatinus Water Park, the largest open air swimming complex in the city. It also houses an Athletic Centre, and is encompassed by a rubber coated Running Track, which is a popular destination among runners in the city.

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