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Evening Cruises

Dinner and Cruise with live music

Dinner and Cruise Budapest with live music

19:00 – Round cruises on the Danube in 2 hours with live music.

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wine tasting budapest

Wine and Cruise Budapest

19:00 – Round cruises on the Danube in 2 hours including wine tasting program.

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Late Night Cruise Budapest

Dinner and Cruise Budapest at night with live music

22:00 – Round cruises on the Danube in 1 hour 30 minutes including dinner and drinks.

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Party on the Danube

Budapest Party on the Danube

23:00 – Round cruises on the Danube in 1 hour 30 minutes with party atmosphere and drinks.

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Culture by cuisine, music and history of old, a selection of the best cruises during the evening and night time to make your picture of lovely Budapest that bit more romantic!

Budapest is gifted with something rare and amazing, a sight unparalelled. Citizens of the two former towns built on the banks of the mighty river, the Danube, people of Buda and Pest built up their houses markets, harbours and ports lived as neighbours for many centuries. Only in 1873 were the two cities melted together to form the new capital of Hungary. Although the King’s Castle was located on the Buda Castle Hill, Buda was never considered as the capital. The history of the two banks is of great importance in the country’s life. Today it is part of the World Heritage List of UNESCO, offering one of the world’s most outstandingly beautiful urban cityscapes. The site, insribed in 1987, streches from the Chain Bridge to the Technical University on the Buda side; an area containing the Gellert Baths, the Gellert Hill with the Statue of Liberty and the Citadel, furthermore the building ensemble of the Buda Castle.

Cruises on the Danube offer an amazing visual experience of the panorama and are a great opportunity to have a taste of Hungarian culture.

Evening Cruises – Taking entertainment to the next level

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