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Homeland has no House

house of parliament budapest

“Homeland has no House” – wrote the outstanding poet of the heroic Hungarian bourgeois era, Mihaly Vörösmarthy bitterly in 1846. In fact, grandsons of Arpad the conqueror made law without a permanent house of parliament, however, there was no need for that. Where they went themselves, high-priests, barons and nobles were the homeland that was the council, that debated and judged. Since the age of Stephen the statefounder the reform era and the revolution of 1848 was the biggest turn in the wheel of Hungarian history. As a result of the economic necessity, social conflicts and cultural impulse, from the hundred thousands of privileged and millions of subjects a social community was formed that we call the Hungarian nation. The “country” formed by the hands of Sandor Petöfi, Lajos Kossuth and Istvan Szechenyi, and the “nation” conciously organized by them and by the work of their selfless fellows was indeed in need of a house. As a contrast to the heights of the royal palace atop the hill of Buda, next to the river in Pest, an inspirational symbol of citizenship and democracy against the sight of sovereign will on top.

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