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Insight into the Parliament

After the Austro-Hungarian Compromise in 1867, in which a dual monarchy was created, Hungary received more independence and the country wrote its own constitution. It also initiated the construction of a parliament building. A competition for this project was officially launched by Emperor Franz Joseph and prime minister Kálmán Tisza….


Story of the market leader – Törley

Hungarian market leader for sparkling wine and wine In 1992, Henkell & Co. purchases Hungary’s market leader for sparkling wines, Hungarovin AG, and three years later it acquires a qualified majority in wine producer Balatonboglári Borgazdasági AG. In 1996, a holding company was created to manage both companies, and this…


The Great Flood

So far the highest water level in Budapest was recorded in 1838. At the time the flood reached 9.3 meters and caused the greatest damage in the history of the Hungarian capital. The winter of 1837-38 proved to be one of the hardest in several decades. The Danube froze to…


The Route of Emperors and Kings

Running unerringly along the Danube to the cities of Passau and Regensburg in Germany via Linz and Vienna in Austria to Budapest in Hungary, this route retraces the footsteps of both emperors and kings. Awe-inspiring natural sights and splendid abbeys, noble houses of worship, medieval castles, magnificent palaces and royal…


Frozen River

Although ice-floats appear on the Danube every year, those times when the river froze completely and people were able to cross the thick ice plate on foot are gone. Nowadays this is very unlikely to happen. The elderly may still remember the last time when it happened, during the winter…

Margaret Island

A gem in the middle

The Margaret Island stands between the two parts of the city and it is often visited by locals and tourists alike for its great recreational and sport opportunities. The Island lived through many important times in the country’s history, and it went through many forms as well. Some historians believe…


Halloween in Budapest

The annual celebration of All Hallows’ Eve is a recently acquired event in Hungary. Although it’s not rooted in the country’s history, however it is gaining more and more popularity each year, mostly among the younger crowd. The origins of Halloween can be found in many cultures around the world….

house of parliament budapest

Homeland has no House

“Homeland has no House” – wrote the outstanding poet of the heroic Hungarian bourgeois era, Mihaly Vörösmarthy bitterly in 1846. In fact, grandsons of Arpad the conqueror made law without a permanent house of parliament, however, there was no need for that. Where they went themselves, high-priests, barons and nobles…

sweet wine

The sweetest of sweets

Tokaj Szamorodni is from the Tokaj-hegyalja wine region, originating from the first half of the 19th century. The first ones to produce and consume were the Polish. Its name is also of polish origin: samorodny, meaning self-grown, as it grows, wilks and dries by itself. What sets it apart from ordinary wines is that it is…



People hear “this and that” and in numerous scenarios we experience on ourselves, that we deem the majority of the informations recieved unimportant when it comes to general knowledge of our world due to the lack of interest and time, indifference or simple laziness. A collection of trustworthy, treasured informations and…

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