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Dinner and Cruise with folklore Budapest

Folklore Show with Dinner & Cruise

Complete evening program from 20:00 to 23:30 including Folklore Show and Dinner & Cruise.

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Bath and Cruise Budapest

Bath entry with Dinner & Cruise

Full day program including bath entry to the preferred spa and Dinner & Cruise with Live Music.

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Budapest Gala Concert

Budapest Gala Concert with Dinner & Cruise

Complete evening program from 20:00 to 23:30 including Symphony Concert and Dinner & Cruise

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Organ Concert Basilica Budapest Dinner

Organ concert with Dinner & Cruise

Complete evening program from 20:00 to 23:30 including Organ Concert and Dinner & Cruise.

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Massage Budapest

Romantic Package

Full day program including private bath, massage for couples and Dinner&Cruise with Live Music.

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Plan ahead for a great travel, all-in-one packages will make your stay in Budapest safe and sound.

Budapest is an exceptional city with exceptional opportunities. It is known as the city of Baths, with its almost 50 spas and outdoor pools and bathing facilities, it’s famous of the Danube Panorama listed amongst the World Heritage List of UNESCO, it is an outstanding example of traditions and culture in daily life, and a metropolis a classic music, the home of many world famous musicians and authors. It is no surprise that many of the visitors are returning from year to year, because it is a place where there’s always much to see and do. Seasonal events always vary, warm and cozy holidays, summers of festivals concerts and the list is always growing.

To explore the city to the fullest, it is without doubt necessary to plan ahead. Combined programs save time and make Your visit smart. Discover the many aspects of the capital, take part in culture and entertainment, taste cuisine, see the sights and experience!

Program Packages – There’s much to do, we make it easier

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