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A visit in Budapest can not be complete without spending time in one of its famous thermal baths. Put away your worries and have a day off with a complete program! Relax in the splendid Neo-Baroque Széchenyi Spa or the elegant turkish style Gellért and top up your day with a Dinner & Cruise with Live Music in the evening!

We would like to inform you that the outdoor pool of the Széchenyi Bath (soda corridor) is unfortunately not available due to renovation from February 5, 2018 until June 1, 2018.

It is no wonder why Budapest is called the ‘City of Baths’, All together  there are nearly 50 spas, baths and public pools in the Hungarian capital. We offer entry fast-track tickets to the two most prestigious baths of Budapest; you can visit either the elegant Turkish-style Gellert Spa or the Neo-Baroque Szechenyi, which is also the largest spa of Europe. Bathing culture in Hungary is higher than you would expect, Hungarians have their favourite spas which they visit regularly, so it is not only a touristic hotspot but also a form of relaxation the locals highly prefer. Both spas are open during the whole year, with thermal waters in a really large temperature range, in indoor and outdoor pools. Finish your evening with an amazing Dinner & Cruise with Live Music or book the two programs for different days so that you can enjoy nighttime bathing, which is an amazing and romantic experience in the steaming waters.

Did you know?
Although the Celtic tribes had already discovered and used the healing waters in the first century Before Christ, Spa and bath culture was only developed significantly during the Turkish rule in the 16th-17th centuries.

The tickets are valid for a whole day and include cabin usage. Upon entering the spa you will recieve a proxy watch, which will be the key for your cabin. You can enter the spas between 9AM and 6PM and are able to stay until closing time. Just be careful not to miss the Dinner & Cruise if you book the two programs for the same date!

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